Columbus Black Doll & Gift Show Update

The Columbus Black Doll & Gift Show premiered showcasing a variety of handcrafted, collectible and artist sculptured dolls, on November 27, 2010 at the Aladdin Shrine Center in Columbus, Ohio.

The show provided doll crafters the opportunity to display and sell dolls, doll-related merchandise and unique gift items to a target market of doll enthusiasts, avid doll collectors, first-time collectors and holiday shoppers. This show featured the “Celebration of Black Dolls” display, which consisted of a wide variety of dolls from the founder’s private collection, “Best of Show” winner and doll and gift raffles.

“Our mission is to express cultural pride and beauty through black dolls,” says founder Natasha Gates. “Black doll collecting continues to grow, as mothers seek to purchase dolls for their children that promote positive self-image, self-esteem and cultural acceptance,” said Gates. Attendance was great and many patrons stated this was a fantastic show and their first time seeing so many beautiful black dolls in one place. Several talented doll crafters exhibited, including renowned wood doll artist Kor January, cloth doll crafters Julia Marshall and Patricia Watson and others who displayed unique dolls and merchandise. The “Best of Show” Winner was Virena Riley who is the designer and owner of Angel House.


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